About Us

Since 1964, Hillcrest Sod Farms has been a dedicated sod cutter bringing quality sod to the metro Detroit area. Our goal is to transform your lawn into a beautiful place that represents enjoyment. In 50 years time, we’ve realized that lawns don’t need to cost a fortune and they don’t need to take up 4 hours of your weekend.

With the mounting criticism of fertilizers and chemical use in the lawn care industry and beyond, it makes sense to step back and analyze just how we are achieving the perfect lawn. Coming from an agricultural standpoint  we can speak of the many benefits both seed and chemical technology has had on our success in farming over the past decades. We also realize just how important a green healthy lawn is to neighborhoods, to children and to the value of our homes. But, as with so many things, sometimes a bit of balance needs to be injected. We often remind folks that perfect lines in the grass are merely a cultural practice born out of the 1950’s. Fertilizing four times a year is something large corporations have convinced us of for years. That little yellow flower must die, and not another should stand in its place. Well, we believe a lot of that too, sorta. We try to adopt the philosophy when it comes to inputs, or how much of your Saturday you want to exhaust on maintenance, of “less is more”. We know and practice that you can fertilize once or twice a year and spot spray for weeds. We know, especially during hot dry periods, mowing can be forgone for weeks. We also know that proper watering, timely applications of proper nutrients and an acceptance of the lawn as space rather than a masterpiece is how a lawn ought to be viewed.

Types of Sod