Lawn Care

Lawn Maintenance – Lawn Care Tips For over 50 years we have worked with builders, businesses and homeowners to provide an outstanding product and service. We believe that each property is different and our respective approach should be as well. A few things to keep in mind when comparing companies… We are typically more affordable than other companies. We don’t require a contract. We want you to pay for results. We understand soil, weeds, lawn fertilizer and water intimately. We can … [Read more...]

Man warned by city nearly 30 years after replacing sod with rocks in front of home

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Berry Cardott told Local 10's Leave it to Layron team that he bought his home on Southwest 11th Street in Fort Lauderdale more than 40 years ago. About a decade later, he ripped out all of the sod from the front lawn and replaced it with rocks. Nearly 30 years later, that decision has him stuck between all those tiny rocks and a hard place. MORE LEAVE IT TO LAYRON HEADLINES Leave it to Layron: Here is how to deal with unresponsive … [Read more...]

How To Lay Sod

Sod Installation (How To Lay Sod) I think one of the most common questions we receive is how hard is it to lay a sod lawn? The answer is not really hard at all. In the grand scheme of home improvement, this project probably ranks on the lower end of skill level, and certainly on the lower end of the potential disaster. For one thing, sod prices, are really pretty inexpensive when tackling a small backyard or front yard project. That in itself makes sod installation a perfect do it yourself … [Read more...]

Crabgrass Pre-Emergent

A few years ago, we did a video explaining the importance of timing when it came to applying crabgrass pre-emergent. Crabgrass can really devastate a lawn if it spreads and is not controlled properly. Some years are worse than others for crabgrass especially around sidewalk edges and "hot spots" as they are known. The thing to keep in mind when using a product that prevents crabgrass is that really it is only a barrier for about 100 days. So the earlier you apply the product the earlier it … [Read more...]

Tigers Might Play Opening Day…

In the lead up to opening day 2014, the media in Detroit seems to be getting a little concerned about whether the weather will impact Comerica Parks new sod.  Have a listen to what we had to say about the sitch, the sitch about the pitch. … [Read more...]

2012 Spring SOD News

Well, it has finally arrived, after an unusually warm winter, April is here and we are about to start cutting sod.  Please take a look at this newsletter and leave comments about things that you like and perhaps might want more information on.  Click Below. Spring Newsletter   … [Read more...]

Why Grass Is So Important

This video tells us why grass is so important. … [Read more...]

Do-It-Yourself’ers Welcome!

We provide high quality sod grass for DIY's who want to tackle the task of installing their own sod.  Our family farm has been in business since 1964.  Half a decade has taught us a thing or two about lawns and grass -- and we're here to help you. Contact us today and find out about deep discounts we offer Do-It-Yourselfers. … [Read more...]

Professional Sod Installation Services

When you choose Hillcrest Sod Farms you know you not only save money but you save the hassle of dealing with sales gimmicks and scams.  We have been in business since 1964 -- nearly half a century of providing the metro Detroit area with quality lawn services Contact us today to learn how we can save you HUNDREDS on your lawn project just in time for Spring.  We can improve the look of your property and give your family a lawn that you can enjoy for generations. … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Left In The Cold

Take advantage of some of the hottest deals from Hillcrest Sod Farms this winter and be prepared for spring & summer.  We have been providing the metro-Detroit area with quality sod and lawn services for almost half a century.  And we're ready to put our experience to work for you! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest savings and promotions.  Just click on the Facebook link to the right or the Twitter link in the top right corner of the page. Stay warm and … [Read more...]