Quick Sod Quote

Getting a quick Sod delivery and install Quote

During the year, and especially during the spring, our phones are ringing off the hooks. Most folks want to have a lawn installed during the spring, which makes sense. So, in order to deliver an estimate in a timely fashion, we have come up with a few steps to speed up the estimating process.

  1. Measure the lawn area in question. Length x width, simple as that, write those numbers down.
  2. Take a snapshot of the area with your smart phone.
  3. Send an email or text describing your objectives for the space, issues like dogs, trees, or moss and why is the lawn so bad now. Dont forget to include the snapshot and dimensions.
  4. Text to: 786-SOD-FARM (786-763-3276) or Email to: info@hillcrestsod.com
  5. In return we will provide you with an estimate that is likely be within $100 of the final price and often, the exact price you will pay.
  6. Finally, the address would be great!