ATS 14-14-10 Landscape Fertilizer

ATS 14-14-10 Landscape Fertilizer

$43.00- per 50lb Bag / sq. ft.

ATS 14-14-10 Landscape

Recommended Use: For containers and bedding
Quantity: – 50 lb

Advanced Turf Solutions Professional Grower Fertilizer 14-14-10 enhanced with Foliar-Pak Armament contains Nutralene, PCU, SOP, organic base, and micronutrients for four-month feeding on trees and transplants, shrubs, roses, and flower beds.

This material does not present any unusual hazards under ordinary conditions.
Use general precautions when handling, transporting, and storing this material.

This is a 50lb bag of Fertilizer

sq. ft.

Additional Information

Weight 50 lbs


Please Note: Orders of 700 sqft+ may require a $20 palette deposit at time of pickup. (700 sqft. equates to a palette of sod. Hillcrest may hand load orders 700 sqft+ on your vehicle or may choose to use a palette in which case a $20 palette deposit will be required)