Hillcrest Kentucky Bluegrass

Hillcrest Kentucky Bluegrass

$0.25 / sq. ft.

NOTE: Min. Order of 10sq. ft

Hillcrest Kentucky Bluegrass – sold by the square foot.

Hillcrest Kentucky Bluegrass is a 100% Bluegrass blend. Its fine thin blades are soft to the touch, and its rhizomatous nature allows it to repair itself in the event of disease or drought. The deep blue-green color is unmatched by any other type of turf. Kentucky Bluegrass does require full sun (at least 80%) to grow properly.

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  • Pick-up (Saturdays only)Must be ordered by 12:00p Friday to qualify for Saturday pickup. Any orders after Friday at 12:00p will be available for pickup the following Saturday. Saturday pickup is available from 8a-12p. Before ordering please see additional information below.
  • Delivery ($75 flat fee and $5 per mile)Within 20 miles. Delivery charges will be calculated at checkout.
sq. ft.

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Please Note: Orders of 700 sqft+ may require a $20 palette deposit at time of pickup. (700 sqft. equates to a palette of sod. Hillcrest may hand load orders 700 sqft+ on your vehicle or may choose to use a palette in which case a $20 palette deposit will be required)


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