Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

$0.33 / sq. ft.

Hillcrest Kentucky Bluegrass sod, is a 100% Bluegrass blend. It’s fine thin blades are soft to the touch, and it’s rhizomatous nature allows it to repair itself in the event of disease or drought. The deep blue-green color is unmatched by any other type of turf. Kentucky Bluegrass does require full sun (at least 80%) to grow properly.

Hillcrest Kentucky Bluegrass – sold by the square foot. (In 10 sq ft increments.  Example:  Do not order 129 sq ft.  Instead, order 130 sq ft.

• Minimum Order of 100 sq ft
• Pallet loading, which includes any order of 400 sq ft or more, will take priority over any order requiring hand loading.  If your order is 400 sq ft or more, expect delays if your vehicle cannot accommodate a 48″ pallet!

Refundable pallet charges apply: 400^ sq ft = 1 pallet @ $20ea.
(Example: 3,600 sqft = 6 x $20 > $120 fully refundable deposit)

Sod Purchases are NON-Refundable: This is a perishable product.  Once the sod is cut out of our field, it cannot be returned.

• Local Taxes of 6% are applicable

***IMPORTANT link for Sod care & helpful info here:

sq. ft.