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Where to Buy Sod?

We’ve been growing and delivering sod in South Eastern Michigan since 1964 and today we bring a variety of resources to any landscaping job – large or small with the best sod prices. Where to Buy Sod Locally? The only place Hillcrest Sod Farm!

Where to buy Sod, Sod Prices

Hillcrest Sod is the best place to buy sod and at the best sod prices. Hillcrest has sod for sale and provides quality products and services for to the metro Detroit area since 1964.  Half a century of business has taught us a thing or two about quality and customer service.  Please click on one of our services below to learn more:

Sod for Sale 

The best Sod for sale at the best Sod prices!  Grass Installation in Metro Detroit Area – South Eastern Michigan
Installation– We provide high-level installation services. Our crews will lay and roll your sod in a timely and professional manner, leaving your job site or home in pristine condition.
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Lawn Maintenance

You’ve made an investment in your yard and have been diligent about getting your new sod established so now it’s time to make sure you keep that investment healthy and looking nice so you can get out there and enjoy it! First and foremost, we highly recommend you hire a professional to maintain your yard. We’d all like to think that we’re going to take the time to keep the yard in ship shape. While we have good intentions, (and may even like doing it!) the truth is that we’re all busy and often times the yard is one of the first things we neglect when life gets in our way! Taking care of a lawn in Michigan can be a challenge even for the most dedicated during various times of the year.

Sod Installation

To ensure the health and vitality of your turf, it is imperative that you install it 12-24 hours from the time of delivery.  During summer months, sod may yellow due to heat shock, but it should recover quickly if the installation and watering steps are followed.