2019 Sod Prices

How much does sod cost?

Folks here is a basic guideline we try to use for pricing. Pick up Sod prices and delivery charges will almost never change, the distance is the only factor that seems to impact cost. ¬†Installation is typically the place we get the most amount of questions and really every job is different so we try to leave ourselves some wiggle room on the price. A backyard for example sometimes requires a lot of wheelbarrowing, versus a front yard and a truck, staged nearby. In 2018 and most preceding years we installed around 250+ lawns and lately that number seems to be growing. It is important that our sod prices are fair and do not exceed what we would pay for a similar service. We always say, “a lawn should cost the same for everybody”, so regardless your zip code or neighborhood, the price is the same. As a bit of advance notice, we like nice people, and after 50 years you are easy to spot. So, please treat us fairly and in return our promise is a great product and a great process.

Pickup (Saturdays Only)

$2.50 Per Roll (.25cents per square foot). We will load your vehicle.


Delivery ranges anywhere from $75-350 per a load of sod depending on location and amount of sod ordered. The average delivery price is $150.


How Much Sod Do I Need? We can quote you on your dimensions. Depending on the amount of prep. and topsoil, new construction installation ranges from $5.00 per yard to $6.50 per yard, which includes the product.

Remove and Replace

As a rule, to remove an old lawn and replace with new sod starts around $1.00 per square foot and can be as low as $.70 cents per square foot.  Smaller jobs, backyard installs, and difficult terrain can sometimes drive the price up a bit.

Again this is only a guide. If these Sod prices sound fair, and you think we are your best choice for sod and or installation, we will come out and give you a free estimate. Thank you.