Lawn Maintenance – Lawn Care Tips

lawn fertilizer, Lawn care tipsFor over 50 years we have worked with builders, businesses and homeowners to provide an outstanding product and service. We believe that each property is different and our respective approach should be as well. A few things to keep in mind when comparing companies…

We are typically more affordable than other companies. We don’t require a contract. We want you to pay for results. We understand soil, weeds, lawn fertilizer and water intimately. We can provide an organic or synthetic program.  We want you to know our lawn care tips. Ever been to a sod farm? How about coming home to one every day?

Lawn Care Tips

Some things to keep in mind for the do-it yourself’er:

Lawn Care Schedule
Lawn Fertilizing Tips
Know Your Soil Type
Know the right lawn fertilizer
Let Your Grass Tell You When to Water
Water Deeply and Less Often
Water Early
Water Efficiently
Condition Your Lawn for Drought

Lawn Fertilizer

Apply Only What Is Needed
Lawn Fertilizer Facts
Fertilize for Desired Maintenance Level
Don’t Fertilize When Lawn Is Wet
Don’t Fertilize When Lawn Is Stressed
Split Rates in Half and Apply In Two Different Directions
Water Summer Applications Thoroughly
Be Careful with Weed-and-Feed Combinations
Consider Organic and Slow-Release Products

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Maintenance
Mow Often
Mow High
Use Sharp Blades
Mow in Alternating Patterns
Recycle Clippings
Consider Mulching Mower/Blades

We offer a full line of products for your lawn from a variety of companies. Stop in or give us a call for more than this overview of what to do with your lawn.
Nitrogen (N) – vital to plants for foliage color and density and for root growth. This is the primary nutrient that needs to be replaced.
Phosphorus (P) – for seedling development, cell building and root growth.
Potassium (K) – assists plants in forming starches and proteins and helps them resist disease and environmental stresses.